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Frequently Asked Questions


No, registration is only required to create a card and not required to sign a card.

All our cards are a fixed cost and includes unlimited pages and signatures. You can see our pricing page to see our pricing and discounts on buying multiple cards.

You can add as many pages and signatures as you like. A new page is automatically added once you add a signature to the last page.

An unlimited number of people can sign your card! We support unlimited signatures and pages - pages will be added automatically as the number of signatures grows

The card will be available online for at least one year from the delivery date (this covers us incase we hit storage limits, but in reality the card will probably be available forever). You can download the card as a PDF if you’d like to keep it longer.

After paying for the card we generate a unique share URL which is not searchable but can be shared with people to access the card. There are billions of possible share URLS so it is unlikely anyone will guess it, but if you need to get it changed because it's been shared with the wrong people then get in touch with us and we'll be happy to change it for you.
Yes, we are working on improving this feature, but for now you can create a new card using this link and then use the "Add message" and "Add image" buttons to upload and edit your design.
After paying for a group card you will be given a shareable link so that your friends/colleagues can sign. You can find this in your account page by clicking on the "sign and share" button next to the relevant card. This will take you to the share page url which you can then share with anyone you would like to sign the card.

No, only you will be able to add messages to an individual card which is why they are cheaper than group cards. You can still add as many messages and pages as you like though.


To change your password enter your email on the reset password page. You can use the same link if you've forgotten your password.
You can change your email by going to your account page and selecting the profile tab. You can then change your email address on that page.
You can logout of your account by going to your account profile page and clicking the logout button

Editing a Card

Signature that overlap can be moved either by the person that created the signature or the card creator. To move a signature either double click on it then drag it, or find the signature on the right (bottom on mobile) panel and select it. After dragging it to the correct place you can then save the signature to update it. You can also move the signature to a different page by changing pages while in edit mode.

If you or someone else has created a signature by mistake you can delete it by selecting the delete icon next to the signature from the signatures panel, then confirming your decision in the alert that opens. Anyone can delete their own signatures and card creators can delete all signatures (make sure you’re logged in).

You can edit all of the card details including front cover, recipient and delivery date by opening up the share page of your card, then clicking the "edit card details" button. You'll need to be logged into your account to see this button.

You can insert a blank page by clicking the current page indicator below the card (e.g. Page 1 of 3) and then clicking the "Insert blank page" button. To remove a blank page click the "Remove blank page" button. Pages are automatically added to the end of the card as messages are added so this is only needed to edit the middle.

Unpaid cards won't be delivered, however if you want to clean up your account page you can delete a card by going to the cards section on your account page, clicking the 3 dots icon in the top right of the card, then selecting delete. You can also delete a paid card in the same way, however if you do the recipient will no longer have access.


You can find your receipt/invoice by going to your account page, selecting the cards tab and then clicking the receipt icon next to the card you purchased.


If you card has not been delivered it may have gone to spam or been blocked by a firewall. You can either send the recipient the preview link directly (this is what they would have received in their delivery email) or you can reschedule the card to be resent by clicking the reschedule button on the share page. Before doing this, please confirm that you have spelled the email correctly from your account page.

If you’re in the UK you can use our printing service by buying a print on your card’s share page. You can also print the card yourself from either the share or the view page by clicking the "save as PDF" button. This will save the card as a PDF which you can then print yourself or take to a printing shop to have it printed professionally. Please note that this option is not available on Internet Explorer as they do not support this feature. We recommend using a browser such as Edge, Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.

We currently offer a printing service in the UK, for more details, take a look at our print page. You can also print the card yourself by clicking the "save as PDF" button on either the share or view page.

Gift Cards

On the card share page there is a button to add a gift card. Once you click that you will be able to pick a gift card and start contributing. We currently support gift cards in the UK, US, Europe and Australia.

We currently support gift cards in the UK in GBP(£), the US in USD($), most countries using Euros(€) and Australia in AUD($A).

Yes, anyone who signs the card is also able to contribute to the gift card. Once the card is delivered we will sum up all the contributions and send the gift card to the recipient.

The contribution currency matches the selected gift card currency, e.g. everyone will be asked to pay in USD for a USD gift card. You can contribute to the card from any currency but your bank may charge you a currency conversion fee.

We charge a small fee to handle processing the gift card and payment to cover our costs. This is shown to each contributor so they are aware of how much they are paying and how much is being added to the gift card. There are no other fees and the recipient will get a gift card with the full amount contributed.

The creator of the card can add a gift card to the greeting card. Once added, everyone signing the card will see the option to contribute to the gift. After the card has been sent to the recipient they will be able to claim the gift card using the secure link we send to view the greeting card and gift card.

Yes, as long as the gift card hasn’t already been claimed by the recipient. Just send us an email and let us know what you would like to pick instead.

Some gift cards have a max value which you can see when making a gift card selection, however we automatically generate multiple gift cards if you go over.

Yes, after creating a gift card you can click the settings icon to hide contributor names or hide everything including the value.

Yes, on your account page you can find your gift card balance/float. You can select the currency and top up your balance at any point. You will then be given the option of contributing with your balance when you try to contribute to a gift card.

Custom Cards

Click on the create a new card button, then select the custom design/upload card. After filling in the recipient details you will will then get the option to upload an image on the next page. From here you can then resize and save your design.

We recommend using an image that is 400px (width) x 500px (height), or any scaled up version of that in a 4:5 ratio. You can also upload any size image and crop it to fix the page.

Got another question?

If you have a question we haven't answered yet then we'd be happy to answer it via email.

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